So what *am* I drinking, part two

Do not let the previous post fool you; there has been beer this past month. Three notable events stand out:

Holiday Ales tasting ~ Arbor Brewing’s monthly tasting was comprised of holiday ales such as Christmas spiced (think nutmeg & cinnamon) beers, winter warmers (which tend to be stronger, darker beers), and even a mead. My favorite was Samichlaus beer. Forgive me for being lazy but here is my review:

Krampus ~ The annual Krampus party was held at the Corner Brewery on December 15th. Ken was sick, so I had to go alone. Fortunately, I knew enough people there that I did not lack for company so yay! This is a dress up party (as in “costume”) so I trotted out the penguin costume from Halloween and off I went. There was both a naughty beer and a nice beer brewed especially for that event. For the first time, I really enjoyed both! The “nice” was a peanut butter & jelly stout. A few years ago at the Summer Beer Fest, I felt completely drowned in peanut butter stouts; almost every brewery had one and they mostly fell into the “meh” category (with a few standouts). Also, one of the best peanut butter stouts I have had is my friend’s “Fat Elvis” peanut butter & banana stout that pours exclusively at Liberty Street.

It has been a few years since I had a peanut butter stout and this one made me very happy. There was a nice peanut taste but you could still taste the base stout beer. There was also a touch of fruit in the palate. Nice welcome back to the land of the peanut butter stout.

The “naughty” beer was a sour beer with tart fruit juice. I am not a huge fan of sour beers, so I sampled some before I bought (Smart I Is!). Another friend and I discussed this beer and agreed that it wasn’t too sour, which is why we both liked it. It had more of a tart taste from the fruit juice and it balanced well.

End of the World Pajama Party ~ For years, I have been hearing all sorts of bullshit about the world ending on 12/21/12. I had students who were very worried about it, despite my gentle reassurances that if these dumbasses couldn’t predict their own demise then I very much doubt they could predict the end of days but whatever. Fortunately, my Corner brewpub decided that if the world was going to flame out, we could at least go out wearing pajamas and drinking beer. Unfortunately, Ken had to work late and was melting with Tired so we missed another friend’s party 😦 but did manage to make an appearance at the Corner :). I had a mug of Espresso Love because if I was goin’ out, I was goin’ out with some E-Love.

Of course, we all* lived to see another day and here we are! Cheers!

*except those who didn’t, rest their souls

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So what *am* I drinking??

Time really does fly sometimes! I hate when people are all, “Life is short!LOL!” and “Time sure flies when you’re having fun! LOL!” (maybe I just object to LOL) because generally, I find that life is pretty long. Maybe not long in the sense of trees and turtles, but certainly longer than insects, flowers, cats, etc. But I have to confess that I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since I blogged about things I am drinking! I am simply appalled. So, to try to catch up, here we go!

Midnight Madness ~ this is an awesome annual event that takes place within walking distance of my home. Santa is out and about as are choirs and jugglers and shit. The downtown stores stay open later than usual and there is a huge outdoor market at the Kerrytown farmers’ market space. They have this mulled wine called Gluhwein (the “u” has those Motley Crue dots on top but I don’t know how to make those) that I tried for the first time. Bonus points because I also bought this cute little blue boot cup! I’m not a huge fan of wine but this was pretty good…I think I liked the mulling spices better than the actual wine. Love it or not, it was perfect for a chilly night.

Prohibition Class ~ My friend Tammy has monthly cocktail classes that Ken and I often attend. Once she mentioned getting a prize if you dressed up, well, I knew I had to go to this! Folks tend to think of flappers and fun dresses and high rollers when they think of Prohibition–and there is nothing wrong with that perception–but the reality is that it ended smack dab in the middle (sort of) of the Great Depression. So instead of dancing around in a silk suit while one drank his newly legal Sidecar, one likely was wearing an old suit that had been mended over and over and shoes that were too tight. To that end, I dressed like this:


That’s my $3 Goodwill dress and my illegitimate kid baby bump. Those are real newspapers on my feet and my dinner is slung over my shoulder. You can see my other illegitimate kid in my other arm. I tore up a T-shirt to make the rags in my hair and I dug underneath my porch (built pre-Prohibition but still) to get some real old dirt that I rubbed on my face. I’m happy to say that I won the gift card even though there were some other cute costumes.

My favorite drink of the evening was something called a Barbari Coast. Tammy made it for us after the event and I totally didn’t think I would like it because peep this–it has scotch, gin and creme de cocoa. That just sounds odd. But then you put cream in it and holy cow…much better than egg nog!

Failed Rankin Bass Night ~ A new event cropped up at the Farmers’ Market: an outdoor greens and gift market plus caroling. Oh yes! I had scheduled a girls’ night of watching Rankin Bass shows but suggested that we meet at the market first and then head down the hill to my house. Then another friend mentioned that Babo market was having a complimentary beer & wine tasting. We’ll do that, we decided, just stay a minute, have a beer taste or two, eat some cheese and then go watch the Heatmeister and Winter Warlock. Oh sure. We started with some absolutely delicious hot sangria wine at the market and also got to sing some carols! Then we meandered to Babo and that is sort of when things fell apart. The beer and wine pours were more than generous and there was all sorts of food out and before we knew it, we had abandoned that the thought of abandoning this amazing event and watching Rudolph. I really wish I could tell you the awesome beer that I tried, but it all sort of blurs together.

You note that most of the drinking has involved wine and cocktails. WHERE’S THE BEER?????? Hold on…the best is yet to come….


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Rare Beer Dinner at Soup Spoon Cafe

A couple of weeks ago, I piled myself into my car & drove up to Lansing. It is not often that I go up to Lansing because for some reason, I always think it’s like a four hour drive when in fact it is less than an hour. (Note: I am no allegiance to either UM or MSU so it’s not about that).

The dinner was put on by Vine & Brew in Okemos and was held at the charming Soup Spoon Cafe in downtown Lansing. When I walked in, I told the host my name and he seated me at a table. My friend Amy was joining me but she wasn’t there yet. At some point, I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back I found a free beer waiting for me! Amy showed up a few minutes later as did some spicy edamame. The beer was Founders Pale Ale and it paired perfectly with the spicy edamame. I’m a late comer to the idea of edamame but I really like it now…I really like squeezing the pod and making it “poop” out a bean 🙂

The first course was Arbor Brewing Company’s 2011 Flamboyant Wile Ale, served with a seared scallop, pancetta, roarin’ 40s blue cheese, smoked pear and a dollop of strawberry puree. Holy shit. The sour mixed very well with the pear, puree and blue cheese…that blue cheese was absolutely amazing. Amy & I found out that you can buy it for real at fine cheese stores, which is delightful. Also, there is a character on the Wire called Cheese. He is played by Method Man. He is a bad guy.

Next, we got Dogfish Head Noble Rot which was a beer I had never had before. It was paired with a cornmeal pancake, wine soaked raisins and…foie gras. Do you know what fois gras is? I thought it was cow liver pate and I was okay with that. It came in a cube and I thought well, okay, whatever and popped it in my mouth. Then I found out what it really was–it’s motherfucking GOOSE LIVER. Seriously? Oy. Did I just eat goose liver?!?! OTOH, geese can suck me. They shit all over the place and laugh when you step in it.

Next up was Jolly Pumpkin’s Maui Sobrehumano, another beer I hadn’t had before. It was, like all JP beers, amazingly sou but still very drinkable. It was paired with puff pastry, brie, ricotta, gruyere and cranberry port chutney. The sour beer and the cranberry chutney were perfect together and the cheeses were delicious.

Next was the main course and the only course that didn’t work for me. It featured a rare lamb chop. I do not eat rare food or medium rare food or medium food or even medium well food…if it is leaky blood juice, I do not put it in my mouth. My friend Amy & our tablemates happily took the chops off my hands, leaving me to enjoy the sweet potato puree and fried leeks. I also got a second helping of the puree when I told the nice server about my issues with blood. (Interestingly, I have seen blood coming out of people on several occasions and it never bothered me…of course, I didn’t have to eat the people afterwards). This course was paired with Stone’s 10th Anniversary Ruination. This beer was a little too strong for me and kind of killed the taste of the food. I think I would have liked it better on its own.

Lastly, we were treated to an absolutely amazing dessert–a chocolate bourbon truffle with macadamia nuts and bacon inside, topped with coffee foam and with a little pretzel “handle”. And…get ready for it…it was paired with Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Swwwwwoooonnnn! I’m glad they only gave us one of these courses because if it was like the Old Country Buffet, I’d still be there eating and drinking.


The restaurant was awesome and I heard something about more beer dinners to come! A great night…our tablemates were nice and chatty, the food was delicious and the beer was amazing…cheers!


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It is true that, as a kid, I was not a huge fan of apple juice. My mom would faithfully buy Mott’s, Musselman’s and whatever else happened to show up on the grocery store’s shelf but I never really liked any of them. Once in awhile, we would go to the cider mill and get cider and even that didn’t thrill me. You could say that I disrespected the apple, not giving it it’s propers.

I might have gone my whole life without appreciating our apple friends if not for Boyfriend Ken. Ken really likes him some cider and dragged me (repeatedly) to the Dexter Cider Mill last year. It finally got to the point where I was enjoying the cider more than the donuts something that delighted both my palate and my ass.

Given that we both like ciders, Ken & I were excited to attend the Produce Station’s (un)Corked cider tasting at the Last Word. Seriously, the trifecta of one of my favorite markets (Produce Station), one of my favorite bars (LW) and yummy ciders from Vander Mill was almost too good to be true! Here are my favorites:

Vander Mill Michigan Wit ~ I was leery of this because, as I’m sure I’ve said before, I do not care for wit beers. They have a certain yeasty taste that I do not like (I do, however, enjoy the lyrical poetry of the Yeastie Girls) and don’t always feel great in my mouth (for other things that are or aren’t great in mouths, please see the aforementioned Yeastie’s). BUT this cider was excellent! It didn’t have that taste I don’t like and instead just tasted of apples with a hint of citrus at the end. In my tasting notes, I wrote down “pleasant” and I think that is still the best word to describe this wonderful drink.

Vander Mill Apple Blueberry Cider ~ I knew I’d like this even before I drank it because I like blueberries. Thought I’m not infrequently compared to Veruca Salt, I actually wouldn’t have minded being Violet Beauregard for a brief moment. 32 oz of blueberry concentrate is added to each keg of cider, giving us a semi-dry cider with a lovely splash of blueberry goodness. And you don’t turn blue when you drink it!

Vander Mill Cherry Hard Cider ~ Sometimes, cherry flavors are way too cloying and turn an otherwise good drink into something tasting like this guy just came bursting through your wall. Not so with this cider! Cherry wasn’t too overwhelming yet still very flavorful…a very nice blend!

So there you have it folks! A wonderful night with awesome ciders and even some cheese samples as well. For the record, I still don’t like apple juice that much, but I think it has more to do with the mental scarring caused by this stupid commercial than anything in the bottle….

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Before I changed careers and became a teacher…before I moved to a college town…before I started following my religion again…September has always felt like the “new year” to me. The weather changes (sometimes drastically), people start buying new school clothes and there’s just a general feeling of settling into a new routine. Something else wonderful happens every fall: Oktoberfest beers start appearing at our favorite pubs!


The first Oktoberfest beer that I ever had was from the late, much missed Leopold Brothers in Ann Arbor. The deliciousness of their beer prompted me to investigate the beer more. A classic Oktoberfest should be malty but not overly sweet, have a light to moderate toasty malt aroma, low to moderate hop bitterness and overall smooth, clean and rich malty character. I’ve never brewed an Oktoberfest but for some reason, I can see recipes going horribly, horribly wrong; indeed, at least one Oktoberfest beer I’ve had this season was way too sweet and another just tasted like plain beer

This past week, Ashley’s had a special night featuring American made Oktoberfests. Interesting, the event coincided with the end of my Yom Kippur fast (thanks, ancient Hebrews, for hooking a sister up!). I summoned my friends Sarah & Susan for a girls’ night “break the fast” with me. In addition to copious amounts of food, I also enjoyed several of the beers:

Bell’s Octoberfest: I’ve had this beer in the bottle before and haven’t been too excited about it. I am so happy that I tried it on draft because it’s a totally different beer! The malt flavor is perfect—not too sweet or cloying but definitely present and deliciously toasty. Nice malt finish for this crisp and delicious beer.

Arbor Brewing’s Hoptoberfest: Now while it is true that there should not be a huge hop profile in an Oktoberfest beer, it also true that some bitterness is permissible. The BJCP guidelines (the rules you use for judging beers) allow for “moderate” hoppiness in this style of beer. The late addition of hops mos’ def’ gives this beer a kick of bitter flavor, but the hoppiness never overpowers the maltiness. It is a wonderfully balanced beer and should please those hop heads out there.

Avery Brewing Company’s Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest: Oh holy night the stars are brightly shining indeed! The malt was reminiscent of Mom’s freshly baked bread (if my mom baked bread, which she didn’t) and even some hints of pepper (reminding me of my friend Matt’s pepper bread). There was definitely an alcohol warming in my mouth as there should be—the beer is over 9% a.b.v. The alcohol taste does not in any way detract from the wonderful malt taste and aroma. If you are wondering what malt tastes like—drink this beer! I have read some reviews of this beer and people are saying that they picked up some bitterness…I must have missed this while I just basked in the bready wonderland.

The great news is that Oktoberfest season is far from over! And yes, smart asses, I know that it’s CRAY that Oktoberfest beers come out in September!! And why is it spelled with a K?!?! All I can say is to ask Mr. or Ms. Google about that noise…I’m just here to enjoy the beer!

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Homegrown & Homebrews for my HomePieces

Two weekend’s ago, Ann Arbor hosted its fifth annual Homegrown Festival. Yeah, yeah, I can hear all of the pot jokes you naughty folks are making but seriously folks, this thing is a winner.  The festival brings together farmers, gardeners, nonprofit groups, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers and brewers—all under one big tent! There was music, tons of food and a most wonderful beer tent where I am not at all ashamed to say I spent most of my time

Arbor Brewing Company was there and I got to have my first Green Giant Organic Imperial Pilsner of the season. Wolverine Brewing was there with their lovely amber lager. I also got me some Pepper Smoker from the Original Gravity and shared it with some friends who had never heard of a pepper beer before (??????!!!!). Jolly Pumpkin was in the house and Boyfriend Ken used most of his tickets enjoying their libations. We also tried some hard ciders from Spicer’s Carriage House Ciders (the one with the cinnamon was to die for) and some awesome mead from Superior Lakes mead. I am really starting to enjoy mead despite not being a huge fan of honey. I also had kombucha for the second time in my life (my first time being the night before, as described below). I went back for seconds on this because it was a unique ginger beer that tasted like nothing I had ever really had before. Nice job, Unity Vibrations! There were also wineries there: DeAngelis Cantina del Vino, Flying Otter, and Sandhill Crane. I promise to try you guys next year! J

The highlight for me was something I was directly involved with: the Homegrown Homebrew competition. I’m not one to brag, so you didn’t hear this from me, but I think that event was freaking AWESOME! We solicited beers, meads, wines and ciders made with local ingredients: oats, grains, honey, fruit, vegetables, etc. We got 20 entries that ran the gamut from a watermelon beer to sour cherry mead to apple wine to kombucha. The creativity amazed me! We were a very informal competition and so the night before the festival, my friends and I very informally sat around my dining room table to judge the beverages. There were some great brews and some of the decisions were tough—the meads and wines were fruity and yummy, the ciders ranged from dry to sweet and the beers were extremely creative. I must admit to being somewhat skeptical about the kombucha. For some ungodly reason, I thought that kombucha had yogurt in it and I do not abide yogurt. Imagine my delight when I found only gingery goodness.

Our winners were Michael Topham (best beer, North Blend Cascadian Dark Ale), Roger Burns (Cherry Bomb mead) and Karl Vernon (Sweet apple cider). Most Creative Use of Local Ingredients went to Dick Dyer for using locally grown and malted barley, local yeast from Marshall and hops from his backyard. Honorable mentions went to Beth Bashert for her ultra-local mead: my friend used honey and berries from her backyard and peaches from across the street! We also gave an honorable mention to Stephan Kinnar for his kombucha.

The wonderful folks at Adventures in Homebrewing, Original Gravity, Carving a Niche and the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild donated prizes and my friends at Arbor Brewing Company donated the snazzy posters that I hung around town.

We want to keep this competition going so please keep us in mind as you brew! At any rate, “remember remember” the second weekend in September for next year’s Homegrown Festival. And for those of you wanting that “other” homegrown stuff…well, the Hash Bash will happen in early April!



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Fall Beers: New Holland’s Ichabod & Arcadia’s Jaw Jacker

It’s a toss up over which of these beers I like better. Some years, I’m all about Ichabod and then other years I’m in love with the Jaw Jacker. This year, I think the Ichabod has a slight edge. Both beers serve up nice tastes of nutmeg & cinnamon but the Ichabod still had an underlying malty taste that I appreciated. In other words, I didn’t forget that I was drinking a beer.


Next up: Arbor Brewing’s Hoptoberfest & Liberty Street’s Punkin Pie Ale

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Fall Beers: Mt. Pleasant’s Oktoberfest

Even before I changed fields and become a teacher…even before I decided to follow my religion…even before all of that, September felt more like a “new year” to me than did January. Something about the crispness in the air and the sounds of football on TV signaled “new” to me. When I was a kid, September meant new classes, new clothes, new activities, new fall TV shows. Now as a grown person, it still means new activities and new classes but it also means NEW BEERS!

Even though it was ass-hot out there today, I had my first “fall” beer with our pizza dinner: Mt. Pleasant’s Oktoberfest. This was your basic lager beer–very mild hops, amber in color, crisp taste. It wasn’t bad, but it was very basic and would probably be a good “gateway” Oktoberfest beer for your macro brew friends.

Next up: JAW JACKER!!


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Beer with the Bard

My friends and I, we didn’t know what to expect. I thought that they would come into the bar so fully in character such that, if a murder broke out and we demanded that they call 911 on a cell phone, they would reply, “What art thouest a phone of cell?” sending us into chaos as the shooting continued. Or perhaps they would be in period costume and throw around a lot of thous and arts and nunneries. What would it be?!?!

The “it” of which I speak is Wolverine’s “Beer with the Bard”, which brought the actors from the Michigan Shakespeare Festival out to Ann Arbor. The festival takes place at Jackson Community College every summer, performing such classics as Richard III and Love’s Labour’s Lost. E.T. Crowe, Wolverine’s marketing director, ran into these nice folks at a beer and wine event at MIS. At some point they got to talking about what the group called “Shakespeare Unplugged” and E.T. (in her infinite wisdom) got the ball, er, bard rolling.

Here is where I must admit that I avoided reading Shakespeare–or anything too complicated–in high school. Since those were the pre-Internet days kiddies, I had to make due with Cliff’s Notes. It wasn’t until my late 20s that I happened to catch the movie Much Ado About Nothing on TV and promptly fell in love with it. I couldn’t understand some of it but I got the overall gist and thought it was darling. Nonetheless, I’ve still managed to avoid most thing by our bard B. and so I was hoping that Beer with the Bard would not end with a quiz about Capulets or Hamlet’s ghost or Othello and Iago.

Lucky for me, it was a lot of fun and no Cliff’s Notes were required. The host for the event was one of the directors who explained that the event is a way for the actors to do open mic performances of their other talents. Our first performer sang the Happy Birthday song–in Polish! Then we heard a funny rant about people and their Smart phones. Next, one of the actors recruited E.T. to help him stage a dramatic reading of a 1996 interview with Madonna–an interview that was done in a Hungarian newspaper, translated into Hungarian, translated into English for the American audience, translated back into Hungarian and then for some ungodly reason translated back into English. Thus, the “interviewer” ended up asking “Madonna” if she was “dating many other people in your bed at the same time” and “Madonna” told us that she was “a woman and not a test mouse”. The intrepid interviewer also asked if she could make people “forget the explosions that were Who’s That Girl and Shanghai Surprise?” Madonna wrapped up the interview by assuring us that she was working like a canine all around the clock for our entertainment.

After that, we were treated to a cast member who was juggling like a mad man. Me, I can barely throw a ball to my dog let alone do stuff like that. Next up was a tap dancer who was simply amazing. When I got home that night, my own tap shoes were waiting for me and demanded to know why I couldn’t do stuff like that. My pleas that I just restarted lessons in May fell on deaf shoes; they merely tapped away in disgust.

We also heard some more jokes, stories, poems and even saw some sword play. The lovely folks from the Shakespeare Company were talented and very much fun! The festival, sadly, is over for this year but will return next July. I so enjoyed watching the actors that I might check it out myself, even if it’s just to find out what I should have been reading back in my College Prep English course….

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Wurst Bar & New Holland Tap Takeover

I give them credit for the name. Me, I’d be terrified to name anything “Wurst” because then if it sucked, you’d all be all, “It really is the W(o)rst!” or “Patti’s bar sure lives up to its name!” and then I would cry and cry and cry. Fortunately for the Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti, they most certainly do not suck and do live up to their name in the, er “wurst” way possible.

So before I even talk about the awesome New Holland tap takeover, I must tell you about the food. These folks know their wurst; they have about a dozen different sausages available. Boyfriend Ken tries a different kind of sausage every time we go. So far, he has worked his way through the alligator & crawfish boudin, the spicy rattlesnake chorizo and the red rock smoked andouille and he reports that all have been fabulous. Me, I get the hamburgers because oh my merciful God in Heaven above my man rolls the meat in some sort of umami sauce. Brilliance. And I haven’t even mentioned the sweet potato tots, have I? With the marshmallow cream fluff dipping sauce? Oh yes, this exists. Oh yes, it does.

Now umami burgers and sweet potato marshmallow fluff and alligator sausage would be enough to get us over to Ypsilanti but they also gotta go and have an awesome beer selection. It’s like they woke up, had a big bowl of awesome and said, “What else would Patti Smith like? Oh yeah—craft beer!” And what would I really like? Why, a tap takeover by New Holland, of course.

So by now, I could be punny and tell you how this is the not the “worst” bar, but rather the “best” bar but OH SNAP that would be too cliché. So instead, I will tell you about some of the lovely beers we had that night.

Sour Attitude – this beer was a one-off, according to my friend Jimmy Alcumbrack McDaniel, SE Michigan Beer & Spirits Ambassador for New Holland. This makes me sad because it means that I won’t be able to have it again, but you know what? If the beer goddess asked me if I would rather experience this amazing beer knowing I could never have it again or if I would rather never experience it at all—well, it’s a no brainer. This beer blended Blue Sunday, one year barrel aged Sundog and a house-only brown ale to create a well balanced beer that was fruity and sour.

Pilgrim’s Dole – I have read about this beer but never had it before. It is an 11.4% barleywine, which I never would have guessed had I not read it in black and white. Not too malty and kind of sweet, it went down the hatch quite easily. Conversely, my wine-drinking friend Ruthann said that she could really taste the alcohol in this beer; she had no trouble believing the high alcohol content.

Beer Hive – According to the tasting notes, local bees from someone called Little John make this beer so awesome. You know when I read “Little John”, I thought of this guy:


And thanks to Google images, I will now forever think of this:


I’m guessing, however, that we are speaking of a different Little John. Whoever he is Little John makes some damn fine honey. The ale was a little malty for me but the ginger finish was amazing. Boyfriend Ken found this beer hoppy but I did not. Either way, it went very nicely with my sweet potato tots.

Oak Aged Hatter – My favorite beer of the night was this dry-hopped IPA that was aged in an oak barrel. It was extremely hoppy with a nose of grapefruit and a balanced taste of citrus, oak and malt. I ended my night with a glass of this and what a great way to end a great event!

Jimmy also told me that New Holland would continue to produce small batches whiskeys at a rate of four 8 gallon barrels a year. Their next small batch is due out in August and is called Ichabod’s Flask Spiced Whiskey. Jimmy describes it as “our spiced pumpkin ale, Ichabod, was distilled and aged in new oak to create this intriguing spirit. Spice, coconut, chocolate and mint intertwine in a unique and elusive flavor profile.” That just sounds like fall!

So in conclusion, I must urge you to get out to the Wurst Bar. Because you know, it’s not the “worst” at anything; in fact it’s simply the—OH, SNAP.

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