Porter v. Porter

So where was I again? I know, amigos, it’s been a hot minute. I’m one of those
people who either has nothing going on, or a million things going on and
I’m afraid it’s been the latter these past few months. I’ve been
drinking my fair share of fine, malted beverages, but haven’t had the
room to report upon them.

Fortunately, things appear to be settling down.  Therefore, here I am!
The most recent beers in my mug were at an Ale Dinner party that I went
to last night. We had five lovely courses, each paired with an equally
lovely beer. My course was dessert, and so I made my tried and true
flourless chocolate cake (always a hit at the Seders). I brought with me
some Bell’s Porter. The party also featured Founders’ Porter (paired
with the roast beef–nice!), and so I decided to do a side-by-side
comparison of the two.

Founders’ Porter – this is a rich, smooth beer. It’s about as perfect of
a porter as I could ask for.  It has chocolate notes to it, a hit of
coffee, and is balanced by the bittering hops.  Having said that though,
it was not (for me anyway) perfect for the cake.  I am not a huge
chocolate fan, and it was just too much. This porter went much better
with the roast beef.

Bell’s Porter – This is also a fine example of a porter. I found it not
as chocolately or coffee-y (?). The dark malts balanced with the hops, a
little more on the bitter side than the malty side. In this way, it made
a much better match with the chocolate cake, as I didn’t feel an
overload. The slight bitter taste balanced the sweet deliciousness of my

Sorry that I don’t have a picture to share. I could say that my ex got the camera in the divorce, but we didn’t have a camera to begin with 😉 He did, however, get some drinking buddies in the divorce, so if you are available and want the pleasure (?) of drinking with me, please let me know! And if not–hey, I’ve been called a bitch, narcissist, psychopath, told to fuck off and told that I suck in the past few days, so you won’t really hurt my feelings.  (Note: NOT by my ex-husband, oddly enough.)
Eh, whatever. Let’s go drinkin’!

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